Every home built by the Ullman Group is designed and constructed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We incorporate the most stringent standards for HVAC, insulation, appliances, lighting, windows, and low water fixtures. Our designs incorporate the use of natural light to reduce energy and we landscape with native plants to minimize water use. Based on the client’s preferences, we offer a variety of sustainable alternative energy systems as well as building material options which incorporate recycled materials.

Sustainabilty Features We Offer

  • Solar Technology; panels are used primarily for heating and cooling as well as heating water for domestic use and pools. Photovoltaic technology generates electricity for internal use and excess energy may potentially be sold back to the ‘grid’.
  • Passive solar technology incorporates house and window positioning to use the sun’s energy and lighting to make homes more comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Energy efficient appliances including front loading washers and condensing dryers.
  • Energy efficient lighting, use of low wattage LED and CFL and florescent T5 (or T8) bulbs and use of motion sensors or timers to reduce energy use.
  • Use of bamboo decking or flooring from sustainably managed forests.
  • Double or triple glazed windows with low E.
  • Super insulated ceilings, high efficiency framing and use of ceiling fans to move air.
  • Solar tubes providing natural light and saves energy
  • Tankless water heaters and low water use fixtures and appliances
  • High efficiency HVAC system with programmable thermostat.
  • Use of recycled materials in the following applications
    • Insulation
    • Counter tops
    • Flooring
    • Carpet

Charlotte Home-A-Rama 2015

The Ullman Group is proud to be a part of Charlotte Home-A-Rama 2015. See our progress on these distinctive homes.


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